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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Favorite Family Quotes

My family says some wild stuff. Here's a few of my favorites.

"Really hard being this damn good lookin' everyday."---Poppa
"Ever think those cowboy boots are the reason you ain't got a man?" My Momma on my dating.
"Eat this beet and you'll grow up nice and purdy."---Great Grandmother
"HOLY MACKERAL!"--Granddaddy
"Someone's obviously voo-dooed you with some bad juju." My Momma
"Grow em' (girls) up in our country, in the dirt, next to the river, and they will grow up to be pretty as wildflowers and mean as a damn cottonmouth." Living advice from the general group.
"Well, it's Saturday night in Shawneetown. Take either a shotgun or a knife for safe keepins."---More life advice.
"Putting two drinkin' Kentuckians in the same room is like putting two wildcats in a cloth sack, just plain stupid." Granddaddy again.

Ya'll got any bits of wisdom to share from your folks?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mighty Mississippi

Hiya ladies and gents,

Once again I have dedicated this post to the up and coming flood we are about to have. I live in Baton Rouge, which I have made clear, and this city rests on the Mississippi. The Mississippi has already climbed its way over its normal bed, swelling up to nearly the top of the levee. However, the worst is yet to come. The river is supposed to crest the levee on May 22nd, which will lead to some major flooding. I went to see the river yesterday and the Big Muddy is resting its self on the recreational part of the levee downtown, where I was sitting watching the sun set two weeks ago at the Earth Day Festival. The city has already started to prepare for the worst, putting down said bags at low points of the levee downtown and moving animals from the LSU vet school, located less than a hundred yards from the levee.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Water

Hiya Folks,

Today's theme is flood water.

 I went home to a Kentucky full of tornadoes and flood water. My home right now is experiencing a historic flood with waters reaching the level of the flood of 1937. Here's some pictures of Southwest Kentucky during the 1937 flood. Here's some pictures from that flood.
Paducah, KY 1937

Flood Memorial Paducah, Kentucky

Dowtown Paducah-1937 Flood.

The Ohio River and its tributaries are swollen and many people in Southwest Kentucky are having to evacuate their homes. I went home and helped sandbag houses, stake high water roads, and move cattle to safer ground. I felt like I was in a John Wayne movie. I luckily have been raised by cowboys, so my upbringing helps me know what to do when trouble is a'comin'. The Army Corps of Engineers have been considering busting a levy on the river to keep the city of Cairo, Illinois, from going completely underwater. For ya'll not from that part of the world, Cairo rests at the crux of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and is considered one of the most important ports on the Mississippi River. Many of my kinfolk are surrounded by water, with their houses looking like islands. Today, my uncle used a john boat to go get my grandfather out of his house because it was inaccessible by car. Interesting to watch how Mother Nature can put life at a standstill.

Lonnie Johnson wrote a great song called "Flood Water Blues" about the 37' flood. Here's some lyrics to it:
"When it lightin', my mind gets frightened, my nerves begin weakenin' down
And the shack where we was livin' began movin' 'round...
Women and children were screamin', sayin', 'Lord must we go?'
'The floodwater have broke the levees and we ain't safe here no more."

Very haunting song. Here's a recording of Mr. Johnson singin' it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Country Cowboys

So lately, I have developed a hankerin' for autobiographies of country music stars. This new habit was born after reading Dolly Parton's book and now I am the proud owner of George Jones', Loretta Lynn's, and Willie Nelson's autobiographies. Tammy Wynette's is on the way too, hehe. Well, if you love music and great one liners, I recommend you check these bad boys out. Here's a quote from Dolly Parton's book, "If you talk bad about country music, it's like talkin' bad about my momma, them's fightin' words." Another one of my favorite quotes is her answer to the question whether she and Porter Wagoner ever had sex, "Yea, we have had sex a thousand times, just not with each other." So, ya'll check these books out, they are dirt cheap and worth the read. These Opry heroes have lived some heckuva interestin' lives.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mo' Mondays, Mo' Problems

HI-----DEEE yall!

Been one heckuva week! This little cowgirl got two big ole flat tires. Karma caught up with me for all the heart breakin' and whiskey drinkin' I have been doin' of late. However, I am all patched and fine and better than for the wear. So, let me recap on my weekend for you lovely folks. I was a trophy girl for a beard competition here in the Red Stick. I got to be the lucky gal who got to hand out trophies and prizes for a bunch of fine looking bearded men. I also competed in this said competition, now worries, in the fake beard contest! (Ya'll all know I do have an extra lush beard, haha.) Well, being that I'm not the craftiest filly in the herd, my beard was made by a friend. I rocked that baby with pride though, I managed to strut myself into a finalist position. However, I failed to win. I don't really know how I manage to get myself in the adventures I do. The rest of the weekend involved a homemade crab bisque, watching Feufollet and Brass Bed at the Spanish Moon, and an Earth Day Festival downtown! I decided to stick around the Red Stick for the whole weekend, in order to rest up for my big upcoming weekend...NASHVILLE 2.0! Here's a few of my classic favorite things.

1. The Baton Rouge Levy.

Picture of the Mississippi Bridge in Baton Rouge

I love me some rivers, especially the Mississippi. I finished out a perfect Sunday (full of beer, good food, a funnel cake, Horace Trahan, zydeco dancin', and friends) on the levy watchin' the sun set. Nothing beats the Mighty Mississippi, nothing dammit.

2. Mint Juleps

So, being a Kentuckian, I naturally can make an amazing mint julep. Since it is nearly Derby time, I have already pulled this recipe out of my pocket. Simple syrup, fresh mint, bourbon, and all together over crushed ice makes this gal very happy. Being well raised like I am, if you come to see me, I will even serve your julep in a julep cup, like a proper, Bluegrass woman.

3. BBQ

One of my favorite BBQ places

When summer approaches, I cannot help myself when it comes to BBQ. I swear I think I could just roll around in a good, homemade BBQ sauce. Nothing reminds me more of summer than the smell of a BBQ pit. If you are meat eater, go out and get yourself some BBQ today! It's what keeps me so pretty!

Here's some pictures from the beard competition.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wild, Wacky Wednesdays

Tip of the day: Just because you are wearing a ten gallon hat and I am wearing cowboy boots does not mean I wanna be your lady.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays, yall!

Hiya folks,

Been a crazy couple of days for me. Went to Nashville and raised a little hell. One night involved whiskey drinkin', New Orleans funk music, two steppin', teachin' an entire bar to two step, stealin' and returnin' a washboard, playin' an Alaskan's banjo, and singing old bluegrass tunes. The other night involved two Alabamans, a dive bar, red cowboy boots, red lips, a brief love affair with a guy from Hank III's band, a camouflage hat, Laylas, flowers, Montana boys, and a love note.  Hot Damn! Good thing I was only in town for 48 hours! I tell ya what ladies and gents, you give me three days and I can take over a dang town.

Well, more details will follow later, but for now here are some of my favorite things from last week:

1. The Reneaus'

I am lucky to have a lot of really, really talented friends. My friend Ashley Cooper Winn is a badass singer/songwriter who just released her first cd. Check it out on ITunes tomorrow. I swear it's pretty dagum good. She writes all her own stuff and has a great band of some of my favorite Kentucky musicians backing her. Watch out for this one, she's good and real purdy.!/TheReneaus

2. FooBar

I grew up not too far from Nashville, yet, I have found a new place. The FooBar is a bar in East Nashville with cheap drinks and good tunes. My friends' played there on Thursday when I was in town---a ragtime band called Woody Pines. There was no cover and it was also four dollar Jamison night. Check it out yall!

Also, yall, here's a video of Woody Pines playin'. Check em' out.
And here's another, too many to make up my mind!
That's all for now folks. However, one valuable lesson I learned this weekend was cowboys from Montana are tougher than I ever thought, especially to be a bunch of Yanks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Honky Tonk Heartbreaks

Hiya Folks!

This little lady is headin' North! I am going to Nashville for the weekend, to see some friends, play some tunes, and honky tonk til I fall down. This is one of my old stomping grounds, so watch out Nashville, you better lock up your menfolk. Cannot wait for this little adventure I am taking. I have routed my trip out so I will be stopping to hang out with the Devil in Clarksdale, MS, and then meeting some friends in one of my favorite little hide-outs, Oxford. Finally, I will be resting in Nashville. These are my three favorite places in Nashville.

1. Belcourt Theater

This is my favorite movie theater. It's a historic cinema that hosts shows, new releases, and cult favorites. I promise on my red cowboy boots that you will never find another place quite like the Belcourt. My favorite time to go is when they do staff favorites (movies like Pulp Fiction, Shawn of the Dead, etc.) and they have a costume contest, a themed game during the half of the movie, and themed drinks.

2. The Patterson House

Like speak easys? Well, I sure do. This is your modern day speak easy. There is a dress code, no cell phones allowed, and only speciality cocktails. It also is back from the road, so you feel like you are hiding out and drinking, like the true Prohibition Era.

3. Robert's Western World/ Layla's Bluegrass Inn

Okay, I cheated a little and combined two places. I normally avoid Broadway in Nashville like the plague, but these are the only two places on the strip that will make me brave the tourists, Yankee accents, and the sea of ten gallon hats on wanna-be cowboys. Luckily, they are right next to one another! Robert's is an old school honky tonk, the music is good, there's dancin, cheap drinks, you name it. You also cannot miss it! It's got a giant cowboy boot sign marking its whereabouts. Only thing is, Robert's gets way too crowded sometimes for me. But, don't worry, that's when a smart cookie like you should just walk over to Laylas. Usually a smaller crowd, and the house band makes me a happy hillbilly. They play old school country (George Jones, Dwight Yoakam, etc) to Chuck Berry covers and do it very, very well. Check both of these places out!

Well ya'll, I'm headin' to the bright lights of Nashville. I have already shined my boots and curled my hair. The dancin' dress is done packed. I am going honky tonkin' and won't come back. Well, I will, but after I break a few hearts first.

Here's a little song for ya'll, get everyone in that Nashville spirit, the "Cowboy Song" by the Red Stick Ramblers:

Later Gators.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ring the Triangle! It's Dinnertime!

Yippee Ya'll,

It's Springtime! My favorite time of year. I have done nothing lately, but eat myself silly because in LA in the Spring means SEAFOOD!!!! I have been stuffing myself silly with crawfish, crab, shrimp, and whatever else. I have been able to mark my days by the seafood I have been having: Wednesdays equal taco and crawfish night with my jolie blon, Sundays equal grilled oyster night, and Fridays and Saturdays are prime times for a boil. One of my friends and I were talking about the fact in Louisiana Budweiser and other beer brands run ads that are only revelent to Louisiana. Like I was doing some grocery shopping and I saw an add for a "Bud and Boil" and another "Mardis Gras Miller." Apparently, enough beer gets drunk in Louisiana to warrant its own beer ads!!!

Well, my new food highlight has to be the seafood lasuagna that my friend made. It was by far the most decadent thing I have ever consumed and we all know I am not shy to eating! He made this by adding an enormous amount of mozorella cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, crab meat, and shrimp in the traditional noodle-layer lasuagna way. HOLY MACKERAL! Talk about comfort food. I could only eat half a piece and then almost immediately feel asleep with delight in my chair. Wowza. If you want a seaside pick me up, try making your own seafood creation.

Here's some picks from a shrimp boil my lovely friends had last week:
Photo by Gavin Jackson

Photo by Gavin Jackson
Well my dear darlin' friends, I'm scooting off to see and learn more about this place. So ya'll grab a beer or your preferred drink, listen to "Louisiana Hot Sauce" by Sammy Kershaw, and eat something real damn good.  Have ya'll a wonderful week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Past Week Favorites

Hiya Ladies and Gents,

It's Monday, so that means more of my favorite things from the previous week!

1. Dock Boggs

Dock Boggs (What a handsome fella!)
So, ya'll probably figured out by now that I am a banjo player. Well good folks, I am trying to learn to play all kinds of songs. This fine man has quite a simple way of playing, but has some crazy old tunings that makes his songs one-uva-kind. A friend showed me a tuning to one song and shucks, that got me hooked on Mr. Boggs. Been quite keen on Dock for a good time now. Here's a song for ya'll';
2. Short-alls

Being the very classy lady that I am, I consider myself a serious fan and wearer of Daisy Dukes. However, I have managed to broaden my horizons this last week with a purchase of short-alls. For all of you that don't know, the short-all is the sexy sister of the overalls. It's basically overalls cut off to Daisy Dukes length, thus, making them short-alls. Always the fan of backwoods, country wear, I obtained a pair of short-alls to help get me through the hot Louisianne summer that is impending. What's a girl supposed to do in sticky, Southern, summer heat? Show a little thigh, that's the answer.

These are a child's pair of short-alls. No worries, I have a grown-up pair!

3. Mark Twain

So, I am a little bit of a bookworm. Believe it or not, I do find time between all my adventures of drinking, music, food, and rambling around to read a good book. I have been on a major Mark Twain kick. He's my main squeeze right now. I think living so dagum close to the Mississippi River has got me a little obsessed. I am currently reading Pudd'nhead Wilson. I get kinda roped in by authors. I started my reading his autobiography and now---Shew Wee---I may be in love. Only a genius can come up with characters like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, and Hellfire Hotchkiss. I cannot, I mean it, CANNOT recommend Mr. Twain enough. Also, you may want to start with his autobiography because his life story is just if not more entertaining than his novels.

Well, all ya'll have a wonderful Monday and no worries I will be back soon with more adventures!
Here's another Memphis Minnie for ya:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanda Jackson Wednesday

Lord Help! You all know I love Wanda Jackson! I wanna grow up one day to be just the spittin' image of her. I love the "get up and go" she sings with. Well, I thought it being Wednesday, and me always the fan of alliteration, that I would dedicate Wednesday to spreading some Wanda goodness to the world. So darlins, I am going to include my favorite photo of the lovely Ms. Jackson.
 Wowza! To be so good lookin' and so talented. As my granddaddy would say, "God blessed her with a lottta thunder!" I will leave you to interpret that as you please. The lovely Wanda is one of my three heroines. She has written some great songs, with lyrics like "get your cotton pickin' fingers out of my curly hair." I write honky tonk/rockabilly songs myself and I believe she's my inspiration half the dagum time! Here's here singing "Hard Headed Woman" in 1958. Thanks Youtube!
That WANDA! What a woman! Anywhos, she's playing Bonnaroo this year with another of my heroines Loretta Lynn. Get your Wanda education on and buy her cd "Queen of Rock" from her early days.

 It's so worth it!

On another note, went to the BIG Easy last night for some fun and heard some music. Went to the ALLways Lounge for the first time. The first two bands weren't too great, but an old school honky tonk band called the Tumbleweeds (great name) played. The hit all of my key points: ten gallon hats, George Jones covers, Missouri accents, and handsome and tall glasses of whiskey. Check em out. We all know I got good taste:

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Mondays

HIYA Ladies and Gents!
Happy Memphis Minnie Monday! I have decided I am now going to post my three favorite things from the week before every Monday. Here yall are:

1. Kim Lenz
Kim Lenz (Picture from her website)

This woman has become my new heroine. She's like a modern day Janis Martin. She's got the whole 50's pinup girl look down paired up with a voice straight out of the same decade and she's just started playing in the 90s! I love me some honky tonk and rockabilly, you all know that, So when I found this girl I nearly fainted with delight. Go out and see her right away! My favorite song is called "Dang Good Stuff" (rightfully named!)
Her link:

2. Ann Savoy and Her Sleepless Knights

The Savoys are like Cajun music royalty. So, when I found out that the matriarch of the family had a band, I had to check it out.  I heard her sing and thought I was in a 1960's New Orleans jazz club. They even have swing piano!!!! Check out "Gettin' Some fun Outta Life" here:

3. Abita Strawberry Beer

It's springtime in Louisanne, which means the temperature has started to go up! It's been 80 degrees by noon for the last two weeks and it's only MARCH! So, I have taken a likin' to one of Abita's seasonal beers, the strawberry beer. It only comes around in the Spring, a.k.a. strawberry season, which is a local crop down here. Sweet, strawberry taste that kinduva reminds me of strawberry Pop Rocks. Also, it's real damn good with crawfish!

That's all for now folks! To send you off properly on Memphis Minnie Monday I am including a video of her breakin' hearts right and left. This is Memphis Minnie playing "Bumble Bee":

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mardis Gras Madness

Hiya Ya'll,

Forgive me about being late to tell yall about my Mardis Gras Madness. This girl has been super busy! Loads of music and two separate Cajun Mardis Gras, thanks to the HBO show Treme, I have barely had time to recover. This is a list of my favorite moments from Mardis Gras.

1. Thursday night at the Blue Moon Saloon with my favorite boys the Red Stick Ramblers for a kick off to the craziness! Check em out here: If you haven't heard of these boys yet, you should go ahead and slap your own self across the face for your unforgivable silliness and neglect. If you like Western Swing, a little Honky Tonk, traditional Cajun songs, and a little heartbreak, this is the band for you! I tell you want if you use some of the great one liners these boys write on your little lady, I promise that she will fall head over hills for you all over again (and same for you ladies.)

2. Saturday night I went to Lakeview for a Bal de Magasin (traditional barn dance) out in the wild, wonderful, ever-suprising Eunice.

3. Sunday I finished my Mardi Gras costume, capuchon and all!

4. Monday, Mardi Gras Eve, I went to Lakeview for a Boucherrie (pig killing and cooking) and ate myself silly. I had boudain, cracklin, sausage, and anything else you can imagine! All of it home-made and home-grown! I finished that all off with a Bud-heavy and some king cake. That all started during the day and afterwards I recovered by playing music, smacking mosquitoes, catchin' up with friends from all over, and taking a nap. Once night hit, Horace Trahan came out and we all dance until we nearly fell down with exhaustion. However, I got too excited about the next day and practiced singing the La Danse de Mardi Gras.

5. Tuesday morning, I went, bright and early with my pals, to the Faquetigue Run in Eunice. It was one of the most amazingly unique experiences of my life. However, it is supposed to be secret to those that do not know it. I will say we all exhibit a little bit of the devil in us while out begging for our gumbo ingredients. Here's some photos my friends took:
By Kristin Clements

By Jake Stevens

By Ben Severance

By Jake Stevens

By Jake Stevens
Well yall, I hope that shows ya how it is for Mardis Gras in Southwest LA! No one needs all that NOLA craziness for a wild, good time. We were all lucky enough to do it again the following Saturday for Treme. So keep your eyes peeled for your favorite Blue Kentucky gal (I'm the one in all the red!)
Till later folks!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Thursday Ya'll

Been busy week. Not too much fun to report though. I wanna leave you a list of my favorite things to search on the Internet:
1. Kangaroos (they are just so funny lookin')
2. Cupcakes (always around my lunch break)
3. Stand up basses (I love em)
4. Cowboy boots (supports my addiction)
5. Lyrics to Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt songs (pretty self explanatory.)
I've been reading Dolly Parton's autobiography and I feel as though I am up to the brim with some knowledge. This is my favorite Dolly picture.

Think Dolly and I look the same?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back from the Bayou

Went on an ADVENTURE! So, on my way to Lake Fausse Point, I got a little cocky. I decided I didn't need my GPS to find the park. Well, that was a dumb move on my part. A trip that should have just taken an hour ended up taking two and a half. However, I ain't complaining because I got to see some BEAUTIFUL country that normally I wouldn't see. I recommend to check your tires, get a full tank of gas-o-line, and get yourself lost on a pretty day in Southwest La. While rolling down the windows and turning up the NPR, I just listened to bluegrass tunes and got some sun.  I got to see more places than I had seen yet. I drove through St. Martinville, Breaux Bridge (my new future home), and many other wonderful small, traditional Louisiana towns. These were the highlights to getting lost:
1. Spanish Oaks
2. Old School Draw Bridges
3. Prisoners from Angola picking up trash in the traditional white and black stripes, like something out of "Old Brother Where Art Thou?"
Yet, I did find my way to the park after taking a levy road for about an hour, thinking the whole time I was going to get eaten by a gator if I got a flat tire. But, I did get to watch some people smoke bees while driving that crazy dirt road! While at the park, I participated in workshops, did a service project with Ranger Larry (picking up trash, catchin' snakes, chasing armadillos), and got to hang out with some friends from the Big Easy I don't get to see a lot. Here's some pictures from the swamp.

I played a song I wrote for everyone while out.

Got some more to tell, but you will have to wait til later! Don't let the gators get you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bayou Babe

Lake Fosse Point Park-Lakeside Cabins
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Tomorrow I head back to the Henderson Bayou for an Americorps retreat for three days. I have mentioned Lake Fosse Point before. It's a beautiful place in the middle of no where without cell reception. I cannot wait to be off the grid for a bit and to do some hiking. It has been glorious in Louisanne the last two days, with temperatures in the 70s. So, I hope I get brave enough to face the monster gators, hop in a kayak, and see this little slice of heaven for myself. I hope I will be able to get some good pictures of some gators to show ya'll. This place has got some monsters! Last time I was there, I had a run in with an armadillo. I will be playing tunes with some friends, lying back, and doing a service project to better the park. Gonna be a great one.

I want to bring to my friends attention the budget cuts being made right now. I am an Americorps member and that is the program that brought me to this wonderful state. This is one of the most amazing programs offered. However, because of the budget crisis, it may be cut. The Americorps Program encompasses many things, NCCC, Vista, Teach for America, all these programs do great good for our great nation. We are people who care enough that we basically work for free and are willing to do jobs others are not. Other great programs are up to possibly be cut as well, including Planned Parenthood, NPR, and PBS. Please give your Representative a holler and help me save this program and any of the others. I really care about what I do and want to be able to keep helping others.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spanish Town Ball and the IFC

Hiya Folks,

Been a busy week, lotsa workin'. However, I did find time to fit in some major adventures. Last Tuesday, I went to the Blue Moon Saloon,, to watch my friends' band Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs, get filmed by the IFC for a new reality show. This show is supposed to be about weird, bizarre places off the beaten path. So I got off work, got all dolled up, put on a purple 50s style dream, and headed to Lafayette. This girl knew to pick a good dancin' dress that would twirl nicely. So keep an eye out for your favorite Kentucky Wildcat because I am pretty sure my two-steppin' got some time!

Friday, I just took it easy. My favorite Red Stick people and I went to try out a new bar I have not ever been too, the Spanish Moon, . This place was great, it is a two story restored fire station. Everyone knows I like my bars dark, just like I like my men! We got out of the unusual Louisanne cold and went to see the Lost Bayou Ramblers, . If you want to hear a great spin on Cajun music unlike any other, check this band out. At first, my friends and I were a little skeptical about this place because we did not think there would be a lot of dancin'. BOY! Was I wrong! The band started and the dance floor filled up immediately. I was sheddin' my coat after about 10 minutes of dancing!

Saturday, I attended my first Mardis Gras Ball. It was the Spanish Town Ball and it is not one of the formal, fancy balls like the others, but a costume ball. This year's theme was the oil spill and WikiLinks. My friends got dressed up as octopi, squids, starfish, birds, etc. There was a lot of pink, booze, dancing, live bands, and food. Here's a picture of me from it:
Overall, I had a great time. Til next time folks! Keep warm all my friends in the North!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mamou Honey Bee

Picture of the Legendary Fred's in Mamou, La.

Hey Ya'll!
The last two weekends I have been as free as a bird from work. So, I took a chance and ventured out to the birthplace of Cajun music and went to Fred's Lounge in Mamou, La. This place has been open from 1962 and is only open on Saturdays from 9 until 1:30.

Sign outside the bar.
 I have been there the last two Saturdays. The first Saturday was a legendary one. Fred's wife, Tante Sue retired. She's been running the place since Fred died. The place was slam packed. I met some locals who filled the Kentucky girl with some praire knowlege, like who's single, how to get a husband, and to drink my beer with a straw and a twist of lemon.  I tried to dance, but there was little room for it. We stayed til the band quit and then rambled down the street to the Hotel Cazan, another local legend in Mamou, where a friend of mine was playing. This past Saturday I went back out to the "Mammoth Prairie" (what Mamou means) and tried my luck again. I brought some more buddies out and we went to see an accordian great, Jason Frey, play. Here's a video of him playing for KRVS (local radio):

After a few Bud heavies, stuck in my new Mamou coozie, I took to the dance floor, even though the fine morning started with a man coming up and flat out pickin' on me. First, he pulls my buddy and I aside to call me ugly, then starts dancing with me to quit and say I'm too tall! Hot Damn!  I was lucky that I got to dance with all the fine men that dragged me out to Fred's. Also, I brought another Kentuckian who learned his way around a two-step due to the fine ladies of Mamou. Another one of my favorite Cajun musicians was playing, Courtney Granger from the Pine Leaf Boys, on vocals and fiddle. Wanna check em' out:

We closed down Fred's around 1:30 and headed across the street to Frenchies for some po-boys. After one oyster po-boy, I hopped in my friend's ride and we headed out to Eunice. We all then went to one of my favorite places, Lakeview Park & Beach, stopping for cracklin on the way. After catchin' up and playin' some tunes, we went to a friend's for a music jam. Check out Lakeview, it's great:

After a pickin', grinnin', and a drinkin', we all went home to regroup. However, after the Louisanne sunset, we heading back out to a Grammy send-off party at the Blue Moon Saloon. Once again, the youngens in Feufollet have been nominated for a Grammy. The whole dagum day was a hoot and a holler.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Accordian Adventures

                                  Above is the official Festivals Acadiens et Cr'eoles Poster for 2010                                   

This is day one of my week with a loaned accordian. A friend of mine is fostering my love of Cajun music and has lent me his accordian. It's in D and she's a beaut. I swear I may love instruments more than I love either men or shoes. Right now, I know the difference between pushing and pulling (if you just push in an accordian, it's automatically a D, the complicated part is the other.) The accordian and the harmonica are a lot alike, they both come and keys, like D or C. However, the accordian is like the harmonica's prettier, more complicated big sister. I really want to learn at least one song on the accordian, especially "Jolie Blon," which is like the national anthem of Southwest La. If the banjo is Kentucky's state instrument, then the accordian is Louisiana's. Yet, I cannot help but think this accordian and I are a lot like the odd couple. Lord help, what will the world do with a backwoods Kentuckian that can play "Jolie Blon" on the accordian?

I am posting a couple of links to videos of my favorite accordian players. Pay attention to all their faces. I firmly believe all accordian players make an "accordian-look-at-me face" when they play. The first one is the accordian king Steve Riley with the Mamou Playboys playing "Bon Reve."

Next, is the band the Pine Leaf Boys with Wilson Savoy on accordian.

Last, but not least, another one of my favorite Louisanne bands, The Malfecteurs, with Ryan Brunet on accordian playing the "French Blues."

Long Live the Accordian, ya'll!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

R.I.P. Charlie Louvin

                            (A GREAT ALBUM BY THE LOUVIN BROTHERS, CHECK IT OUT!)

You are one of the few men I believe I have ever loved. Something about listening to you and Ira's singin' just broke my heart in two---plum apart. Everytime I hear "Knoxville Girl" I feel like I am singing hymns at church, it leaves you in a spiritual aftermath. You are full of tunes about heartbreak. To have never met you, I feel as though I lost a very old friend. 

Some of my favorite Charlie Louvin Songs:
1. Kentucky
2. I Don't Love You Anymore
3. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
4. I Can't Keep You in Love with Me
5. Knoxville Girl

Monday, January 24, 2011

HIIIIDDDDDEEEE! (Minnie Pearl Style)

Well folks, I have had the best weekend ever! I braved the cold and frigid temperature to venture out to the Blue Moon Saloon to attend the Pine Leaf Boys' Grammy send off Party! Armed with my faux rabbit fur coat and a pair of combat boots, I listened to one of my favorite Cajun bands make some music genius Friday night. I don't care if you have never set foot in Louisiana, don't know a stinkin' word of French, and could care less about accordians, you will STILL LOVE this band. The venue they played at was outside and still the place was packed with the cold setting new records of 29 degrees here in Lafayette. People started listening to the tunes, getting their Cajun bounce on, and throwing off jackets to two-step to this band. I believe this Kentuckian may finally have learned to waltz and Cajun two step (bout dagum time.)

Saturday night I took over the cajun praire. I went out to Iota, La. to hang out with some new buddies. We sat around a fire, looked up at the stars, drank a few Bud-heavies, and I may had to fight a few people to prove I wasn't a Yankee (those are fighting words in Kentucky.) I supplied baked goods (my famous chocolate chip recipe and homemade chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing) and ate myself silly on some duck gumbo and homemade sausage.

Sunday afternoon I attended a fish fry. LORD HELP. I tell you, I ain't ever leavin' Louisiana. All the men cook for you, dance, and seem to all know how to sweet talk you in French. This may have been the best fish I have ever had. We had fried mushrooms, fried cucumbers, fried pickles, and a homemade pizza.

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend too! I got to dance, eat, and play tunes, so I am a happy camper. Here's a list of my essentials for a good Friday night.
1. Cowboy boots
2. Red lipstick
3. Hairband (in case you get hot while dancing)
4. Flask to fit in your left boot (fill it with what you please!)
5. Gum (you may end up finding someone to kiss on.)