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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Mondays

HIYA Ladies and Gents!
Happy Memphis Minnie Monday! I have decided I am now going to post my three favorite things from the week before every Monday. Here yall are:

1. Kim Lenz
Kim Lenz (Picture from her website)

This woman has become my new heroine. She's like a modern day Janis Martin. She's got the whole 50's pinup girl look down paired up with a voice straight out of the same decade and she's just started playing in the 90s! I love me some honky tonk and rockabilly, you all know that, So when I found this girl I nearly fainted with delight. Go out and see her right away! My favorite song is called "Dang Good Stuff" (rightfully named!)
Her link:

2. Ann Savoy and Her Sleepless Knights

The Savoys are like Cajun music royalty. So, when I found out that the matriarch of the family had a band, I had to check it out.  I heard her sing and thought I was in a 1960's New Orleans jazz club. They even have swing piano!!!! Check out "Gettin' Some fun Outta Life" here:

3. Abita Strawberry Beer

It's springtime in Louisanne, which means the temperature has started to go up! It's been 80 degrees by noon for the last two weeks and it's only MARCH! So, I have taken a likin' to one of Abita's seasonal beers, the strawberry beer. It only comes around in the Spring, a.k.a. strawberry season, which is a local crop down here. Sweet, strawberry taste that kinduva reminds me of strawberry Pop Rocks. Also, it's real damn good with crawfish!

That's all for now folks! To send you off properly on Memphis Minnie Monday I am including a video of her breakin' hearts right and left. This is Memphis Minnie playing "Bumble Bee":

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