Adventure Awaits!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Thursday Ya'll

Been busy week. Not too much fun to report though. I wanna leave you a list of my favorite things to search on the Internet:
1. Kangaroos (they are just so funny lookin')
2. Cupcakes (always around my lunch break)
3. Stand up basses (I love em)
4. Cowboy boots (supports my addiction)
5. Lyrics to Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt songs (pretty self explanatory.)
I've been reading Dolly Parton's autobiography and I feel as though I am up to the brim with some knowledge. This is my favorite Dolly picture.

Think Dolly and I look the same?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back from the Bayou

Went on an ADVENTURE! So, on my way to Lake Fausse Point, I got a little cocky. I decided I didn't need my GPS to find the park. Well, that was a dumb move on my part. A trip that should have just taken an hour ended up taking two and a half. However, I ain't complaining because I got to see some BEAUTIFUL country that normally I wouldn't see. I recommend to check your tires, get a full tank of gas-o-line, and get yourself lost on a pretty day in Southwest La. While rolling down the windows and turning up the NPR, I just listened to bluegrass tunes and got some sun.  I got to see more places than I had seen yet. I drove through St. Martinville, Breaux Bridge (my new future home), and many other wonderful small, traditional Louisiana towns. These were the highlights to getting lost:
1. Spanish Oaks
2. Old School Draw Bridges
3. Prisoners from Angola picking up trash in the traditional white and black stripes, like something out of "Old Brother Where Art Thou?"
Yet, I did find my way to the park after taking a levy road for about an hour, thinking the whole time I was going to get eaten by a gator if I got a flat tire. But, I did get to watch some people smoke bees while driving that crazy dirt road! While at the park, I participated in workshops, did a service project with Ranger Larry (picking up trash, catchin' snakes, chasing armadillos), and got to hang out with some friends from the Big Easy I don't get to see a lot. Here's some pictures from the swamp.

I played a song I wrote for everyone while out.

Got some more to tell, but you will have to wait til later! Don't let the gators get you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bayou Babe

Lake Fosse Point Park-Lakeside Cabins
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Tomorrow I head back to the Henderson Bayou for an Americorps retreat for three days. I have mentioned Lake Fosse Point before. It's a beautiful place in the middle of no where without cell reception. I cannot wait to be off the grid for a bit and to do some hiking. It has been glorious in Louisanne the last two days, with temperatures in the 70s. So, I hope I get brave enough to face the monster gators, hop in a kayak, and see this little slice of heaven for myself. I hope I will be able to get some good pictures of some gators to show ya'll. This place has got some monsters! Last time I was there, I had a run in with an armadillo. I will be playing tunes with some friends, lying back, and doing a service project to better the park. Gonna be a great one.

I want to bring to my friends attention the budget cuts being made right now. I am an Americorps member and that is the program that brought me to this wonderful state. This is one of the most amazing programs offered. However, because of the budget crisis, it may be cut. The Americorps Program encompasses many things, NCCC, Vista, Teach for America, all these programs do great good for our great nation. We are people who care enough that we basically work for free and are willing to do jobs others are not. Other great programs are up to possibly be cut as well, including Planned Parenthood, NPR, and PBS. Please give your Representative a holler and help me save this program and any of the others. I really care about what I do and want to be able to keep helping others.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spanish Town Ball and the IFC

Hiya Folks,

Been a busy week, lotsa workin'. However, I did find time to fit in some major adventures. Last Tuesday, I went to the Blue Moon Saloon,, to watch my friends' band Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs, get filmed by the IFC for a new reality show. This show is supposed to be about weird, bizarre places off the beaten path. So I got off work, got all dolled up, put on a purple 50s style dream, and headed to Lafayette. This girl knew to pick a good dancin' dress that would twirl nicely. So keep an eye out for your favorite Kentucky Wildcat because I am pretty sure my two-steppin' got some time!

Friday, I just took it easy. My favorite Red Stick people and I went to try out a new bar I have not ever been too, the Spanish Moon, . This place was great, it is a two story restored fire station. Everyone knows I like my bars dark, just like I like my men! We got out of the unusual Louisanne cold and went to see the Lost Bayou Ramblers, . If you want to hear a great spin on Cajun music unlike any other, check this band out. At first, my friends and I were a little skeptical about this place because we did not think there would be a lot of dancin'. BOY! Was I wrong! The band started and the dance floor filled up immediately. I was sheddin' my coat after about 10 minutes of dancing!

Saturday, I attended my first Mardis Gras Ball. It was the Spanish Town Ball and it is not one of the formal, fancy balls like the others, but a costume ball. This year's theme was the oil spill and WikiLinks. My friends got dressed up as octopi, squids, starfish, birds, etc. There was a lot of pink, booze, dancing, live bands, and food. Here's a picture of me from it:
Overall, I had a great time. Til next time folks! Keep warm all my friends in the North!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mamou Honey Bee

Picture of the Legendary Fred's in Mamou, La.

Hey Ya'll!
The last two weekends I have been as free as a bird from work. So, I took a chance and ventured out to the birthplace of Cajun music and went to Fred's Lounge in Mamou, La. This place has been open from 1962 and is only open on Saturdays from 9 until 1:30.

Sign outside the bar.
 I have been there the last two Saturdays. The first Saturday was a legendary one. Fred's wife, Tante Sue retired. She's been running the place since Fred died. The place was slam packed. I met some locals who filled the Kentucky girl with some praire knowlege, like who's single, how to get a husband, and to drink my beer with a straw and a twist of lemon.  I tried to dance, but there was little room for it. We stayed til the band quit and then rambled down the street to the Hotel Cazan, another local legend in Mamou, where a friend of mine was playing. This past Saturday I went back out to the "Mammoth Prairie" (what Mamou means) and tried my luck again. I brought some more buddies out and we went to see an accordian great, Jason Frey, play. Here's a video of him playing for KRVS (local radio):

After a few Bud heavies, stuck in my new Mamou coozie, I took to the dance floor, even though the fine morning started with a man coming up and flat out pickin' on me. First, he pulls my buddy and I aside to call me ugly, then starts dancing with me to quit and say I'm too tall! Hot Damn!  I was lucky that I got to dance with all the fine men that dragged me out to Fred's. Also, I brought another Kentuckian who learned his way around a two-step due to the fine ladies of Mamou. Another one of my favorite Cajun musicians was playing, Courtney Granger from the Pine Leaf Boys, on vocals and fiddle. Wanna check em' out:

We closed down Fred's around 1:30 and headed across the street to Frenchies for some po-boys. After one oyster po-boy, I hopped in my friend's ride and we headed out to Eunice. We all then went to one of my favorite places, Lakeview Park & Beach, stopping for cracklin on the way. After catchin' up and playin' some tunes, we went to a friend's for a music jam. Check out Lakeview, it's great:

After a pickin', grinnin', and a drinkin', we all went home to regroup. However, after the Louisanne sunset, we heading back out to a Grammy send-off party at the Blue Moon Saloon. Once again, the youngens in Feufollet have been nominated for a Grammy. The whole dagum day was a hoot and a holler.