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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanda Jackson Wednesday

Lord Help! You all know I love Wanda Jackson! I wanna grow up one day to be just the spittin' image of her. I love the "get up and go" she sings with. Well, I thought it being Wednesday, and me always the fan of alliteration, that I would dedicate Wednesday to spreading some Wanda goodness to the world. So darlins, I am going to include my favorite photo of the lovely Ms. Jackson.
 Wowza! To be so good lookin' and so talented. As my granddaddy would say, "God blessed her with a lottta thunder!" I will leave you to interpret that as you please. The lovely Wanda is one of my three heroines. She has written some great songs, with lyrics like "get your cotton pickin' fingers out of my curly hair." I write honky tonk/rockabilly songs myself and I believe she's my inspiration half the dagum time! Here's here singing "Hard Headed Woman" in 1958. Thanks Youtube!
That WANDA! What a woman! Anywhos, she's playing Bonnaroo this year with another of my heroines Loretta Lynn. Get your Wanda education on and buy her cd "Queen of Rock" from her early days.

 It's so worth it!

On another note, went to the BIG Easy last night for some fun and heard some music. Went to the ALLways Lounge for the first time. The first two bands weren't too great, but an old school honky tonk band called the Tumbleweeds (great name) played. The hit all of my key points: ten gallon hats, George Jones covers, Missouri accents, and handsome and tall glasses of whiskey. Check em out. We all know I got good taste:

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Mondays

HIYA Ladies and Gents!
Happy Memphis Minnie Monday! I have decided I am now going to post my three favorite things from the week before every Monday. Here yall are:

1. Kim Lenz
Kim Lenz (Picture from her website)

This woman has become my new heroine. She's like a modern day Janis Martin. She's got the whole 50's pinup girl look down paired up with a voice straight out of the same decade and she's just started playing in the 90s! I love me some honky tonk and rockabilly, you all know that, So when I found this girl I nearly fainted with delight. Go out and see her right away! My favorite song is called "Dang Good Stuff" (rightfully named!)
Her link:

2. Ann Savoy and Her Sleepless Knights

The Savoys are like Cajun music royalty. So, when I found out that the matriarch of the family had a band, I had to check it out.  I heard her sing and thought I was in a 1960's New Orleans jazz club. They even have swing piano!!!! Check out "Gettin' Some fun Outta Life" here:

3. Abita Strawberry Beer

It's springtime in Louisanne, which means the temperature has started to go up! It's been 80 degrees by noon for the last two weeks and it's only MARCH! So, I have taken a likin' to one of Abita's seasonal beers, the strawberry beer. It only comes around in the Spring, a.k.a. strawberry season, which is a local crop down here. Sweet, strawberry taste that kinduva reminds me of strawberry Pop Rocks. Also, it's real damn good with crawfish!

That's all for now folks! To send you off properly on Memphis Minnie Monday I am including a video of her breakin' hearts right and left. This is Memphis Minnie playing "Bumble Bee":

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mardis Gras Madness

Hiya Ya'll,

Forgive me about being late to tell yall about my Mardis Gras Madness. This girl has been super busy! Loads of music and two separate Cajun Mardis Gras, thanks to the HBO show Treme, I have barely had time to recover. This is a list of my favorite moments from Mardis Gras.

1. Thursday night at the Blue Moon Saloon with my favorite boys the Red Stick Ramblers for a kick off to the craziness! Check em out here: If you haven't heard of these boys yet, you should go ahead and slap your own self across the face for your unforgivable silliness and neglect. If you like Western Swing, a little Honky Tonk, traditional Cajun songs, and a little heartbreak, this is the band for you! I tell you want if you use some of the great one liners these boys write on your little lady, I promise that she will fall head over hills for you all over again (and same for you ladies.)

2. Saturday night I went to Lakeview for a Bal de Magasin (traditional barn dance) out in the wild, wonderful, ever-suprising Eunice.

3. Sunday I finished my Mardi Gras costume, capuchon and all!

4. Monday, Mardi Gras Eve, I went to Lakeview for a Boucherrie (pig killing and cooking) and ate myself silly. I had boudain, cracklin, sausage, and anything else you can imagine! All of it home-made and home-grown! I finished that all off with a Bud-heavy and some king cake. That all started during the day and afterwards I recovered by playing music, smacking mosquitoes, catchin' up with friends from all over, and taking a nap. Once night hit, Horace Trahan came out and we all dance until we nearly fell down with exhaustion. However, I got too excited about the next day and practiced singing the La Danse de Mardi Gras.

5. Tuesday morning, I went, bright and early with my pals, to the Faquetigue Run in Eunice. It was one of the most amazingly unique experiences of my life. However, it is supposed to be secret to those that do not know it. I will say we all exhibit a little bit of the devil in us while out begging for our gumbo ingredients. Here's some photos my friends took:
By Kristin Clements

By Jake Stevens

By Ben Severance

By Jake Stevens

By Jake Stevens
Well yall, I hope that shows ya how it is for Mardis Gras in Southwest LA! No one needs all that NOLA craziness for a wild, good time. We were all lucky enough to do it again the following Saturday for Treme. So keep your eyes peeled for your favorite Blue Kentucky gal (I'm the one in all the red!)
Till later folks!