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Friday, September 10, 2010

Benefits of Cowboy Boots

If I had to choose my favorite thing to wear, it would be cowboy boots. I collect them. I currently have three pairs and I am constantly looking for more. Does not matter if I am sauntering through a thrift store to kill time. If I see a pair of boots, I beeline over there and try them on and if they remotely fit (within two sizes), I will buy them no matter if I had other intentions (like groceries) for that money. I think my obsession rests with the fact that they are fashion and utility combined. As a girl, I love wearing masculine things, especially with something very feminine, like ruffles. Here are some of my favorite reasons to wear cowboy boots:
1. They are eye-catchers.
2. Make a girl look tough.
3. People compliment you on the street.
4. Conversation starter. Like, "When we gonna go ride horses?"
5. Make me taller than almost everyone.
6. I can easily store my flask in them or I reckon wallet, keys, etc. (Flask most important.)

When people ask why I am obsessed with cowboy boots, I reply, "A girl can never have too many pairs of cowboy boots." One thing about living in Louisiana, the natives LOVE boots as much as I do!

Downfalls of boots:
1. When you fall, you fall pretty hard. Cowboy boots are slick.

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