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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mo' Mondays, Mo' Problems

HI-----DEEE yall!

Been one heckuva week! This little cowgirl got two big ole flat tires. Karma caught up with me for all the heart breakin' and whiskey drinkin' I have been doin' of late. However, I am all patched and fine and better than for the wear. So, let me recap on my weekend for you lovely folks. I was a trophy girl for a beard competition here in the Red Stick. I got to be the lucky gal who got to hand out trophies and prizes for a bunch of fine looking bearded men. I also competed in this said competition, now worries, in the fake beard contest! (Ya'll all know I do have an extra lush beard, haha.) Well, being that I'm not the craftiest filly in the herd, my beard was made by a friend. I rocked that baby with pride though, I managed to strut myself into a finalist position. However, I failed to win. I don't really know how I manage to get myself in the adventures I do. The rest of the weekend involved a homemade crab bisque, watching Feufollet and Brass Bed at the Spanish Moon, and an Earth Day Festival downtown! I decided to stick around the Red Stick for the whole weekend, in order to rest up for my big upcoming weekend...NASHVILLE 2.0! Here's a few of my classic favorite things.

1. The Baton Rouge Levy.

Picture of the Mississippi Bridge in Baton Rouge

I love me some rivers, especially the Mississippi. I finished out a perfect Sunday (full of beer, good food, a funnel cake, Horace Trahan, zydeco dancin', and friends) on the levy watchin' the sun set. Nothing beats the Mighty Mississippi, nothing dammit.

2. Mint Juleps

So, being a Kentuckian, I naturally can make an amazing mint julep. Since it is nearly Derby time, I have already pulled this recipe out of my pocket. Simple syrup, fresh mint, bourbon, and all together over crushed ice makes this gal very happy. Being well raised like I am, if you come to see me, I will even serve your julep in a julep cup, like a proper, Bluegrass woman.

3. BBQ

One of my favorite BBQ places

When summer approaches, I cannot help myself when it comes to BBQ. I swear I think I could just roll around in a good, homemade BBQ sauce. Nothing reminds me more of summer than the smell of a BBQ pit. If you are meat eater, go out and get yourself some BBQ today! It's what keeps me so pretty!

Here's some pictures from the beard competition.

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  1. I'm from Baton Rouge, now living in Oklahoma. I love the photo above of the sunset near the bridge. Can I have permission to print it out to hang in my home?