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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mamou Honey Bee

Picture of the Legendary Fred's in Mamou, La.

Hey Ya'll!
The last two weekends I have been as free as a bird from work. So, I took a chance and ventured out to the birthplace of Cajun music and went to Fred's Lounge in Mamou, La. This place has been open from 1962 and is only open on Saturdays from 9 until 1:30.

Sign outside the bar.
 I have been there the last two Saturdays. The first Saturday was a legendary one. Fred's wife, Tante Sue retired. She's been running the place since Fred died. The place was slam packed. I met some locals who filled the Kentucky girl with some praire knowlege, like who's single, how to get a husband, and to drink my beer with a straw and a twist of lemon.  I tried to dance, but there was little room for it. We stayed til the band quit and then rambled down the street to the Hotel Cazan, another local legend in Mamou, where a friend of mine was playing. This past Saturday I went back out to the "Mammoth Prairie" (what Mamou means) and tried my luck again. I brought some more buddies out and we went to see an accordian great, Jason Frey, play. Here's a video of him playing for KRVS (local radio):

After a few Bud heavies, stuck in my new Mamou coozie, I took to the dance floor, even though the fine morning started with a man coming up and flat out pickin' on me. First, he pulls my buddy and I aside to call me ugly, then starts dancing with me to quit and say I'm too tall! Hot Damn!  I was lucky that I got to dance with all the fine men that dragged me out to Fred's. Also, I brought another Kentuckian who learned his way around a two-step due to the fine ladies of Mamou. Another one of my favorite Cajun musicians was playing, Courtney Granger from the Pine Leaf Boys, on vocals and fiddle. Wanna check em' out:

We closed down Fred's around 1:30 and headed across the street to Frenchies for some po-boys. After one oyster po-boy, I hopped in my friend's ride and we headed out to Eunice. We all then went to one of my favorite places, Lakeview Park & Beach, stopping for cracklin on the way. After catchin' up and playin' some tunes, we went to a friend's for a music jam. Check out Lakeview, it's great:

After a pickin', grinnin', and a drinkin', we all went home to regroup. However, after the Louisanne sunset, we heading back out to a Grammy send-off party at the Blue Moon Saloon. Once again, the youngens in Feufollet have been nominated for a Grammy. The whole dagum day was a hoot and a holler.

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