Adventure Awaits!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Accordian Adventures

                                  Above is the official Festivals Acadiens et Cr'eoles Poster for 2010                                   

This is day one of my week with a loaned accordian. A friend of mine is fostering my love of Cajun music and has lent me his accordian. It's in D and she's a beaut. I swear I may love instruments more than I love either men or shoes. Right now, I know the difference between pushing and pulling (if you just push in an accordian, it's automatically a D, the complicated part is the other.) The accordian and the harmonica are a lot alike, they both come and keys, like D or C. However, the accordian is like the harmonica's prettier, more complicated big sister. I really want to learn at least one song on the accordian, especially "Jolie Blon," which is like the national anthem of Southwest La. If the banjo is Kentucky's state instrument, then the accordian is Louisiana's. Yet, I cannot help but think this accordian and I are a lot like the odd couple. Lord help, what will the world do with a backwoods Kentuckian that can play "Jolie Blon" on the accordian?

I am posting a couple of links to videos of my favorite accordian players. Pay attention to all their faces. I firmly believe all accordian players make an "accordian-look-at-me face" when they play. The first one is the accordian king Steve Riley with the Mamou Playboys playing "Bon Reve."

Next, is the band the Pine Leaf Boys with Wilson Savoy on accordian.

Last, but not least, another one of my favorite Louisanne bands, The Malfecteurs, with Ryan Brunet on accordian playing the "French Blues."

Long Live the Accordian, ya'll!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

R.I.P. Charlie Louvin

                            (A GREAT ALBUM BY THE LOUVIN BROTHERS, CHECK IT OUT!)

You are one of the few men I believe I have ever loved. Something about listening to you and Ira's singin' just broke my heart in two---plum apart. Everytime I hear "Knoxville Girl" I feel like I am singing hymns at church, it leaves you in a spiritual aftermath. You are full of tunes about heartbreak. To have never met you, I feel as though I lost a very old friend. 

Some of my favorite Charlie Louvin Songs:
1. Kentucky
2. I Don't Love You Anymore
3. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
4. I Can't Keep You in Love with Me
5. Knoxville Girl

Monday, January 24, 2011

HIIIIDDDDDEEEE! (Minnie Pearl Style)

Well folks, I have had the best weekend ever! I braved the cold and frigid temperature to venture out to the Blue Moon Saloon to attend the Pine Leaf Boys' Grammy send off Party! Armed with my faux rabbit fur coat and a pair of combat boots, I listened to one of my favorite Cajun bands make some music genius Friday night. I don't care if you have never set foot in Louisiana, don't know a stinkin' word of French, and could care less about accordians, you will STILL LOVE this band. The venue they played at was outside and still the place was packed with the cold setting new records of 29 degrees here in Lafayette. People started listening to the tunes, getting their Cajun bounce on, and throwing off jackets to two-step to this band. I believe this Kentuckian may finally have learned to waltz and Cajun two step (bout dagum time.)

Saturday night I took over the cajun praire. I went out to Iota, La. to hang out with some new buddies. We sat around a fire, looked up at the stars, drank a few Bud-heavies, and I may had to fight a few people to prove I wasn't a Yankee (those are fighting words in Kentucky.) I supplied baked goods (my famous chocolate chip recipe and homemade chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing) and ate myself silly on some duck gumbo and homemade sausage.

Sunday afternoon I attended a fish fry. LORD HELP. I tell you, I ain't ever leavin' Louisiana. All the men cook for you, dance, and seem to all know how to sweet talk you in French. This may have been the best fish I have ever had. We had fried mushrooms, fried cucumbers, fried pickles, and a homemade pizza.

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend too! I got to dance, eat, and play tunes, so I am a happy camper. Here's a list of my essentials for a good Friday night.
1. Cowboy boots
2. Red lipstick
3. Hairband (in case you get hot while dancing)
4. Flask to fit in your left boot (fill it with what you please!)
5. Gum (you may end up finding someone to kiss on.)