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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays, yall!

Hiya folks,

Been a crazy couple of days for me. Went to Nashville and raised a little hell. One night involved whiskey drinkin', New Orleans funk music, two steppin', teachin' an entire bar to two step, stealin' and returnin' a washboard, playin' an Alaskan's banjo, and singing old bluegrass tunes. The other night involved two Alabamans, a dive bar, red cowboy boots, red lips, a brief love affair with a guy from Hank III's band, a camouflage hat, Laylas, flowers, Montana boys, and a love note.  Hot Damn! Good thing I was only in town for 48 hours! I tell ya what ladies and gents, you give me three days and I can take over a dang town.

Well, more details will follow later, but for now here are some of my favorite things from last week:

1. The Reneaus'

I am lucky to have a lot of really, really talented friends. My friend Ashley Cooper Winn is a badass singer/songwriter who just released her first cd. Check it out on ITunes tomorrow. I swear it's pretty dagum good. She writes all her own stuff and has a great band of some of my favorite Kentucky musicians backing her. Watch out for this one, she's good and real purdy.!/TheReneaus

2. FooBar

I grew up not too far from Nashville, yet, I have found a new place. The FooBar is a bar in East Nashville with cheap drinks and good tunes. My friends' played there on Thursday when I was in town---a ragtime band called Woody Pines. There was no cover and it was also four dollar Jamison night. Check it out yall!

Also, yall, here's a video of Woody Pines playin'. Check em' out.
And here's another, too many to make up my mind!
That's all for now folks. However, one valuable lesson I learned this weekend was cowboys from Montana are tougher than I ever thought, especially to be a bunch of Yanks.

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