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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mighty Mississippi

Hiya ladies and gents,

Once again I have dedicated this post to the up and coming flood we are about to have. I live in Baton Rouge, which I have made clear, and this city rests on the Mississippi. The Mississippi has already climbed its way over its normal bed, swelling up to nearly the top of the levee. However, the worst is yet to come. The river is supposed to crest the levee on May 22nd, which will lead to some major flooding. I went to see the river yesterday and the Big Muddy is resting its self on the recreational part of the levee downtown, where I was sitting watching the sun set two weeks ago at the Earth Day Festival. The city has already started to prepare for the worst, putting down said bags at low points of the levee downtown and moving animals from the LSU vet school, located less than a hundred yards from the levee.

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